Our Events

The Night In Question
Vampire: The Masquerade blockbuster LARP horror event , the first of its kind focusing on the Sabbat

The Night In Question is a fully-immersive rules-light LARP experience, taking the lessons and inspirations of the new Nordic-style games such as Enlightenment in Blood and End of the Line, then adding a horrific splatterpunk twist. Other games have focused on the Camarilla and Anarch aspects of the setting – the Masquerade, moving among the mortals in secrets and the politics of the undead. The Night in Question is different.

It will emphasize a frightening and engulfing story, focusing on the monstrosity of the Sabbat, visceral horror of their dark rites and a blood and guts feel reminiscent of films like From Dusk Til Dawn and Near Dark, creating a unique World of Darkness event using intense visual effects, high quality props, set design and costuming. It will be a “retro” Sabbat event, and will reflect a classic monstrous Sabbat mythos.

A War of Our Own
This is war, but none of you are soldiers.

Inspired by the award-winning video game This War of Mine, A War of Our Own is a charity live action event (LARP) benefiting War Child. Meant to give a realistic and unromantic taste of life for civilians in a war zone, it is being written in collaboration with veterans of the Bosnian NATO intervention and the Iraq wars, along with experts and advocates for refugee issues.

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