Calling all role-players and actors! Casting for an immersive event at SXSW 2020

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Immersive Event Casting Call – Austin, TX

Want to be paid to role-play in a unique and cool environment? Join us for a spectacular once-in-lifetime mass-immersion event! We are casting performers for an immersive experience produced by The company P at the SXSW Festival.
This story world is about a paranormal mystery unfolding across a wide variety of platforms. Audiences will delve into the secrets and uncover stories about immortals that hold the keys to humanity’s greatest mysteries.
Applicants should be available for an in-person casting meeting and interview in Austin, TX in late January. Cast members will needed for 12 work days, approx. 8 hours per day, from March 10, 2020 to March 22nd, 2020 in Downtown Austin. Cast members will be responsible for their own food and lodging. One meal will be provided by the event during working hours.
Applicants will be asked to provide photographs and short videos based on prompts, with a deadline of January 15th.


  • Be on time and available, showing a strong work ethic
  • Demonstrate improvisational and acting skills
  • Portray all aspects of the part assigned
  • Work in a professional manner with staff members, fellow performers and the general public
  • Study scripts, directions and learn the purpose and personality of the character being portrayed
  • Communicate clearly with team members and the general public in fluent English


18+ years old (both young adults and senior are welcome)

  • Experience with improv acting, immersive theater, themed puzzle rooms, live action role-playing or being an entertainment experience cast member (e.g. theme parks, Renaissance Faires)
  • Having a cooperative, collaborative and imaginative personality
  • The ability to realistically and entertainingly act out situations based on event needs
  • the ability to improvise and interact with the general public
  • the ability to work under stressful and loud conditions
  • Speak fluent English
  • Any gender, body type and ethnicity


Performers will be paid $100-$150 per day, depending on the role.