Not Quite Weekly Update: Night City was a (nuclear) blast!

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Howdy, everyone!

It has been a rollercoaster of a month, and we let these weekly updates drop off as the Jackalope team ramped up for both Cyberpunk: Night City and then recovered from it. But we’re back!

Cyberpunk: Night City – Success!

Cyberpunk: Night City got rave reviews from our players. We had an awesome ending, great visuals and a huge turn out. Over 70 people showed up in costumes that were mind-blowing and played their hearts out.

Our thanks to all our team and all our NPCs for the night! We couldn’t have done it without y’all.

The Night in Question 2019

Our next big event is The Night in Question 2019, the revamped and improved version of our inaugural World of Darkness horror event! Even if you played it once, we are introducing new characters, new plotlines, bigger set pieces and huge site improvements to the event.

  • There are 83 out of 200 tickets left! And one of them is a True Monster, which includes full monster make-up, hotel rooms and a custom character write up! Tickets are only $175 this year for an awesome bloody and immersive vampire experience. Get them here:
  • We are also making Blood Bag tickets available early this year. If you want to play a recurring victim of the vampires who take over or are turned during the night, they are only $39! There are 26 left!

Event Calendar

The Night in QuestionNovember 16, 2019 in Austin, TX