Weekly Update, Night City Characters and Blood Showers

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Howdy, everyone!

This is the start of the new tradition here at Jackalope. We’ve decided that we need to take breaks from our busy writing and building schedule to let all of our fans and followers know what we are doing. So, here’s your summary of what’s up this week at Jackalope.

Cyberpunk: Night City

  • Character selection begins this weekend! Watch your inboxes for your character selection invite. They go out in waves based on when a ticket is bought, so please keep an eye out. If you bought a custom character package, keep an eye out for contacts from our staff.
  • The Art Team is killing it! They just tested out some awesome set pieces for the Night City set, including this massive hologram.

More updates as they come and learn more about Cyberpunk: Night City at http://cyberpunk.jackalope-larp.com. Tickets are still available, and the event is May 24-25, 2019

The Night in Question 2019

This November, the splatterpunk vampire celebration of Vampire: the Masquerade’s Sabbat returns! Early bird tickets are still available! Learn more at: http://the-night-in-question.jackalope-larp.com/

  • Blood Rave! We’re currently talking with the site about setting up a Blade-style blood shower on the dance floor, and it turns out one of the employees has years of plumbing experience and is going to make it happen.
  • Site Improvements! We’ve made some requests and the site is putting our ticket money to good use. Restrooms and other facilities have been moved closer inside the main game site, and they’ve expanded everything! Pictures next week.

That’s our weekly update! Stay awesome and remember, people are more important than LARP.

Event Calendar

Cyberpunk: Night CityMay 24-25, 2019 in San Antonio, TX

The Night in QuestionNovember 16, 2019 in Austin, TX