2019 Events Calendar

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Jackalope Live Action Studios is proud to announce our upcoming events calendar for 2019!

Cyberpunk: Night City

May 25, 2019

Jackalope Live Action Studios is proud to announce a new partnership with R. Talsorian Games to create official licensed blockbuster live action events based in the Cyberpunk 2020 universe. Focusing on recreating an immersive dark cyberpunk future, these events will have hundreds of participants participating in the high-tech low-life world of the iconic Cyberpunk RPG line, and will be the first officially license LARP events for the setting.

Tickets will go on sale this February for this amazing one-day experience that will put you in the streets of Night City and facing the dark future of high-tech low-lifes.

Visit the Cyberpunk event’s page by clicking here.

The Night in Question 2019

November 16, 2019

Returning for a second run after an immensely successful event in November 2018, the premiere horror event for White Wolf’s World of Darkness returns. Players will find themselves trapped, hunted and changed in the darkness of the Texas night by the monstrous vampires of the Sabbat, as they experience the horror of Vampire : The Masquerade as never before.

Tickets are currently on sale! Click here for more details!

Project Crimson

Coming 2019

Nothing lasts forever. But the story continues on. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more hints and updates on Project Crimson, the upcoming project from Jackalope Live Action Studios.