2018 Events Calendar

Jackalope Live Action Studios is pleased to announce our upcoming events for next year.


February 2018

February 3rd, 2018 – Temple, TX

A War of Our Own – A Live Action Event
Immersive Charity Live Action Event

A War of Our Own is a one-shot immersive live action role-playing event about life in a war zone, with proceeds going to benefit war refugee children. We are proud to be sponsored and supported by 11-bit Studios, creators of the award-winning game This War of Mine.

Expected Ticket Price: $35 + suggested donation

You can learn more at: http://www.awarofourown.com

May 2018

Date TBA – Houston, TX

The Downside – A Street Cyberpunk Story
Immersive Blockbuster Cyberpunk Event

The understreets of the city bustle with activity. The Downside is a place everyone knows about, nobody talks about but everyone goes to just once. Street vendors mingle with drug dealers. Mobsters mix with party freaks. And everything goes.

The Downside is a cyberpunk street epic where you spend a night dealing and surviving in a neon-bathed dystopian black market and crime district. The game site will be a defunct shopping mall rented and remade to create an incredible cyberpunk environment.

Expected Ticket Price: $128 and up

Fall 2018

The following events do not have firm dates, but are planned for this coming fall.

The Night In Question
A Texas Splatterpunk Horror LARP

Will you survive the Night in Question? More details to come.

The Unwanted, Part 2
A Lovecraftian LARP of Outcasts and Outsiders